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About Us

Pierre's Ice Cream CompanyPierre's Ice Cream Company remembers its humble beginnings in 1932, as a small ice cream shop at East 82nd and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. Now, a leading manufacturer of premium ice cream and other frozen dessert products, Pierre's continues to live up to its reputation of providing the highest quality ice cream products to its customers.

Pierre's Ice Cream Company manufactures and distributes more than 235 products and flavors ranging from rich and creamy premium ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet and sorbet to Frosted Smoothies®, novelties and the highly acclaimed ¡Hola Fruta!® ... a super premium, all natural, pure fruit sherbet. The company welcomed its newest innovation in 2009...Yovation® Frozen Yogurt.

Pierre's classic recipes demonstrate the company's dedication to quality and its desire to delight every ice cream lover by selecting the finest ingredients from all over the world. Pierre's Ice Creams are irresistibly smooth and wonderfully delicious.

Pierre's remains family-owned and managed. Company president, Shelley Roth, and her management team maintain a tradition of quality and innovation that has kept the brand a regional favorite for three quarters of a century.

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