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Yovation Frozen Yogurt The Only Frozen Yogurt that Deserves a Standing Yovation

Frequently Asked Questions

Yovation® is an irresistibly smooth and creamy frozen yogurt that offers indulgent taste and probiotic benefits. It is the only frozen yogurt that deserves a standing ovation!

Q: What makes Yovation® special?
A: Rich, creamy and delicious, Yovation® brings you premium great taste, innovative flavors, and a boost of probiotic benefits. Yovation® is the only frozen yogurt that deserves a standing ovation. Yovation® tastes just as rich and creamy as regular ice cream, but has less fat and fewer calories!

Q: What are probiotics?
A: The World Health Organization (WHO) describes probiotics as: "Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host."

Q: What probiotic cultures are in Yovation®?
A: Yovation® contains live and active yogurt cultures plus the benefits of a superior probiotic culture—GanedenBC30®— to help promote digestive health.

Q: What is GanedenBC30®?
A: In addition to the live and active yogurt cultures present in Yovation®, the extra boost of probiotic benefits are powered by the superior culture, GanedenBC30®. GanedenBC30® (Bacillus coagulans) overcomes the shortcomings of other commonly used probiotics in that it withstands the manufacturing process, extreme temperatures and product shelf life. Additionally, it survives the rigors of the digestive system to successfully deliver benefits in the small and large intestines.

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