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What is GanedenBC30®

In addition to the live and active yogurt cultures present in Yovation®, the extra boost of probiotic benefits are powered by the superior culture, GanedenBC30®. GanedenBC30® (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) overcomes the shortcomings of other commonly used probiotics in that it withstands the manufacturing process, extreme temperatures and product shelf life.

Additionally, it survives the rigors of the digestive system to successfully deliver benefits in the small and large intestines. Other probiotic cultures are highly sensitive to these demands.

Individuals expect that when they choose a probiotic food product, there are enough live cells, and that those cells are going to provide benefits. GanedenBC30® is superior to other probiotics not only in terms of its survivability before it is consumed...but also in that it can survive and thrive where it can do the most good once in the body.

Learn more about GanedenBC30® at www.ganedenbc30.com.

What is GanedenBC30
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